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LJB Services Inc is a small business. I am very interested in providing the best service I can and a personal service for my clients. My tax season runs from the last Sunday of January to April 15th or whatever date the IRS assigns as the final filing date each year. After that I am available on an appointment only basis.

Since I do not always have help please be patient with me. To contact me:

Phone Number: - 410-579-1616

I have also gone mobile so I am trying to return calls, faxes and text messages within 24 to 48 hours:

Phone: 888-208-0386
TEXT:   443-267-4694
FAX:     888-725-2729

               Tax Organizer filled out (see to the left of this page)
               W-2s and other documents described in the tax organizer
               A copy of last years taxes 
               A current drivers license or state ID card or copies
               Total all receipts please and by catagory. Spreed sheets are welcome.
               I will also need contact information

DROP OFFS are welcomed and you will be notified when they are completed for pick up!

Business Phone Number: 410-579-1616. Please leave only 1 message.

Fax: 888-725-2729 or 410-579-2566

Email: ljbyrd@ljbservices.net

The fastest way to reach me is by fax or email. I check that daily.