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LJB Services Inc is a small business. I am very interested in providng the best service I can and a personal service for my clients. My tax season runs from the last Sunday of January to April 15th each year. After that I am available on an appointment only  basis. During tax season I will take tax appointment first and walk in as and if I can fit them in.  Out of respect, I expect my clients to be fair and not interupt while I am with another client. The same respect I hope they would show you. I book 2 years in advance and I am always willing to expand. Here you will find details and information about my business hours and helpful information. I am not perfect, just human, and very busy! Patience and I will be happy to assist you. Last year filing 2012 was a horrible year with errors and late filing dates established by the IRS along with many software issues. I am working to make this year a better year and as error free as possible. Your help with providing me with correct information and overlooking your forms before filing is very helpful for both of us. 

Business Phone Number: 410-579-1616. Please leave only 1 message.

Fax: 888-725-2729 or 410-579-2566

Email: ljbyrd@ljbservices.net

The fastest way to reach me is by fax or email. I check that daily.