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LJB Services Inc is a small business. I am very interested in providing the best service I can and a personal service for my clients. My tax season runs from the last Sunday of January to April 15th each year. After that I am available on an appointment only basis.

After years and years of sitting for extremely long hours it has created some health issues for mm. I will be continuing my business I need to make some changes.  From the end of tax season 2016 I developed some circulation problems which has lead to some heath issues.  I am still working with home visits under doctor care. I can no longer sit for long hour. I must have more time to get up and move around, etc. 

So this year I am asking everyone to please drop off you taxes and pick up later.  Of course if there is some important information or changes I am willing to take a few minutes to discuss things with you.  I love talking with everyone but I also find I get more done when I can get to the work uninterrupted. 

               Tax Organizer filled out (see to the left of this page)
               W-2s and other documents described in the tax organizer
               A copy of last years taxes 
               A current drivers license or state ID card
               Total all receipts please
               I will also need contact information

It will be a pleasure to see everyone.

Business Phone Number: 410-579-1616. Please leave only 1 message.

Fax: 888-725-2729 or 410-579-2566

Email: ljbyrd@ljbservices.net

The fastest way to reach me is by fax or email. I check that daily.