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If you ever receive a letter from the IRS after I have prepared your taxes the best way to contact me is by fax at:  888-725-2729 along with a contact number I can reach you at. I want to help you resolve the issue. After I have received the information I will either contact you for an appointment or I will call. Faxing information to me is very helpful. I have many clients and receiving the information in advance helps me to understand the problem and prepare for an appointment. Sometimes I can resolve the issue without an appointment.

Remember after tax season I am NOT open to see clients everyday. I am closed on the weekends and ONLY ACCEPT APPOINTMENTS. You are always welcome to drop items off at the business location. It can be left in the mailbox or in between the door and storm door.  I or my assistant will check that as well as emails and faxes daily.  So please do not just show up expecting me to be there. I could be with an appointment, working on paperwork I need to complete. or even out of the office. After tax season is when I work hard on other projects and stick to an only appointment policy so I can work effectively.

There are animals on the premises and knocking and ringing the bell only irrate them and me if I am there.  That is also why appointments are REQUIRED, so I can take the necessary precautions for their safety and yours.

Of course you can always just drop me a copy of the letter in the mail. Regular mail is fine. Please do not send anything certified as I may not have time to make it to the post office during their hours to pick it up. 

I care and I do want to help you anyway I can.