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I am always trying to find a better way and easier way for everyone when it comes time for taxes. So this year we will be adding the below services:

Drop off and pick up later

Down load the tax organizer and complete it.
Upload to the Client Portal your tax organizer, and all attachments, including W2's
Then your appointment will consist of you reviewing the paperwork and picking them up a         week or less after i receive the information.
You can have a 'pdf' copy sent back to you via my Client's Portal
You can then download the PDF tax return onto your computer and you will have your copy,
 A great way to maintain your files and it saves commuting, and no weather to worry about.

Drop off the paperwork and pick up later.

We will call you that they are completed.

Face Time appointment

Mail me your paperwork, or drop off your paperwork, or upload the paperwork.
We make a time to call you and you can talk with me via face time to answer questions you         may have.
If the taxes are completed and paid for we are happy to mail them to you for an additional charge of $5.00, of course, you can always pick them up or you may receive a PDF copy via the Client Portal. 

If you drop them off and leave a check with the paperwork I will not cash the check until the taxes are completed and you have picked them up.